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I was at Mike Kujawski’s ‘armchair discussion’ presentation “Government Blogging – Best Practices and Tips for Success” at CSPS this morning. Sadly, I cannot share much my views, notes and impressions, as I am cautious about one of the tenets of blogging of Public Service employees; thou shalt not share privileged information.

Mike Kujawski, on blogs

Mike Kujawski, on blogs. Maybe the only picture I can put up...for now?

I reflected on this late last night, how the armchair discussion is exclusive to public servants, making my exposure one of privilege based on my position within the government. Until the presentation is public (or parts of it, such as the ‘deck’/powerpoint presentation), I must err on the side of caution, and demonstrate my commitment to respect my overlying responsibilities as a public servant.

As such, I will not be sharing my impressions or notes about Mike’s presentation until content of the presentation is made public. › Continue reading…

The shirt I should wear tomorrow

The shirt I should wear tomorrow

This is a special week for the blog. There was a special posting Monday, and there is this one today. There will also likely be another one tomorrow (Thursday) after Mike Kujawski’s “Government Blogging – Best Practices and Tips for Success” armchair discussion at CSPS. I presume Mike’s discussion will be about external blogs that Government of Canada’s departments should have, meaning it wouldn’t apply to this blog, which is my own personal blog. If so, Mike’s topic is one I have blogged about already, and no doubt I will have more to write about. Stay tuned, while my typing fingers get tired.

I want to share with you now, my advice for GC public servants interested in starting up their own GC-related blog:

  • Don’t;
  • At least not yet;
  • And if you do, tread carefully;
  • Still there? Please continue reading. › Continue reading…

My post on “how to propose your blog” to come soon. I promise.

to hear Jeff Braybrook speak about GCPEDIA

a packed Clocktower pub basement to hear Jeff Braybrook speak about GCPEDIA

I attended a packed MeetUp event titled “Government Gets It: GCPEDIA, the Government of Canada and Web 2.0″ that was accessible to the public. The speaker was Jeff Braybrook, the Deputy Chief Technology Officer of Treasury Board, and the force behind GCPEDIA, the Canadian Government’s Wiki for public servants. I show here my notes.

Unsurprisingly the event was packed – people knew it 3 weeks leading up to the event, having to RSVP via the MeetUp site. GCPEDIA has been gathering lots of steam and interest, and I can divulge that I have been working closely with the implementing group on the technical, IM, training and engagement of the project. › Continue reading…

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