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This dentist asked his online network to choose his mask. He should have asked other dentists for their insights instead

Not what I want to see: This dentist asked his online network to choose his mask. Instead he should have asked other dentists for their insights.

Update: Tweeked the bottom image a bit. Yes, I made it.

Web 2.0 has little to do with democracy or building consensus. What used to be attributed to the Internet has become mundane as it becomes a permanent fixture in our daily lives, as well as our infrastructure (i.e.: LAN drops, WiFi networks and workplace Blackberries), our interaction with Government (“eGovernment”) and our civil social lives through the news we get and the entertainment we read. But mainly, the Internet is a platform, a dumb network that can be as democratic to common people as it can be a destabilising tool for troublemakers, it can be as empowering as it can be distracting. › Continue reading…

preview of the twtvite

preview of the twtvite


If you’re in government and into Web 2.0, hope to see you there.

Youre puzzled, Im puzzled

You're puzzled, I'm puzzled

On-going saga: Seems like PCO restored the best video about the Government of Canada’s public service.

It’s not up in the same spot as before,  so any links to the other one are broken.

My former guess is that the video still isn’t meant to be seen, just posted. Then maybe it was removed as either housecleaning or intentional removal. There remains no context, no description, and still no  means to socialise the content using Web 2.0.

Your guess for it being put back up is as good as mine.

Baby steps  I guess. Forward and backward. For now, I’m done.

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