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My Masters paper is up

snapshot of the paper
snapshot of the paper

If you didn’t know, my masters paper is up on my GC20 wiki.

A lot of the themes there are ones I have discussed on this blog; lack of leadership or support, issues with Information Management, the necessary culture change, the required change for  IM/IT, the conflict with the current Westminster governance model, Web 2.0 categorisation, Public Value Management, and a whole lot more.

It’s quite likely the only final Masters paper submitted via a wiki. The way I figured it, it would be ironic not to – a paper on Web 2.0 needs to use Web 2.0.

I know, it’s long, and I have no expectation for you to go through the 30’000-odd words. Although big on public admin theory (i.e.: NPM, hollow-state theory), but key, I think, are the sources and the built up ‘story’. Essentially I say “Although we’ve been saying this (Web 2.0 is what we want), right now we’re here (without Web 2.0). This is why (it hasn’t been about Web 2.0, but networking and learning), and this is what we need to do (re-think the bureaucracy).”

An excerpt:

There is a history of government support for Social learning, and the development of the public service as a social learning organisation toward a more adaptable and self-guided public service. There is also a history of recognition and support for Networked governance among public servants to best gain valuable knowledge from formal and informal networks. Using contemporary Web 2.0 tools for either in many ways enhances these functions, however it also causes friction with the Westminster-led governance structure that is run with New Public Management. A new governance structure is necessary that is supportive of Web 2.0, Social learning and Networked governance, and the way public servants need to work now for a more citizen-focused government and to benefit from the value of technology and more appropriate use of information and knowledge sharing.

Writing it was an experiment in itself. I needed to learn how to implement a wiki, customise it, maintain it. In fact much is customised, from the installation, to the extensions, to the IM practices used. Writing it taught me a lot about maintaining a wiki, about installing Mediawiki, Information management using a wiki as well as advanced template programming in the MediaWiki environment. Furthermore, it was important for me to make available all cited academic journals and papers, and they are stored on the wiki as downloadable PDFs. Anyway, take a gander.

Make changes if you see fit. If it’s screwed up, help me out and roll it back.

Thanks all.

I proudly display my DVD edition of the video about Canada's Public Servants. I hope you can see it too

I proudly display my DVD edition of the video about Canada's Public Servants. I hope you get to watch it too

Update: The video is back up. Because of this post? Some think so. We may never know for sure.

I’ve written before about the gem of a video on the PCO site. My post was about the missed opportunity for PCO to make the video more Web 2.0 – enabled by facilitating sharing and linking to it. The premise was that it was a good, even a great video and that more people should watch it, enjoy it, share it.  It emerged that the video was published online to accompany the then-PCO Clerk Kevin Lynch’s review of a Public Service engagement and branding event to recruit new talent.

It now appears that PCO, without any notice or message, taken down the video.

I know this is a great video to show to new recruits and students in the public service. Although public servants are a modest bunch, the video certainly conveys the breadth of work public servants are engaged in and the wide-range of people in the public service. More than that, the video conveys too the overlying values and underlying principles that public servants hold, and the potential that all public servants have.

I hope the video exists elsewhere, and is shared elsewhere. If you’re in the public service, you might still be able to watch it on my GCPEDIA subpage here:

Also, fortunately, as blogged previously, another public service video is still available here:

That is all.

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