About this blog

This blog is in no way endorsed or supported by the Government of Canada.
Or rather, the Government of Canada is in no way endorsed, or supported by this blog.


Unfortunately, anyone looking to seeing ‘inside information’ on the government and the inside track of Web 2.0 developments, won’t find it here. This blog will comment on publicly-available information.  To keep a positive tone, I will try to comment on what government ought to do, instead of focusing on or merely pointing out what it is doing wrong, with a commitment to accuracy to best not contradict an official department position.

Of course everything about this nascent blog is still too new, but I expect any readers to call me on these points, and hope you do if I steer off this path.


Intended audience

Public servants of the Government of Canada interested in the application of Web 2.0 and collaborative tools in Government, as well as students of public administration and other Canadian public servants at other levels (provincial or municipal) or outside of Canada. I am interested in your feedback, especially your corrections to my contradictory statements. 

About me

This site is the personal website of Doug Bastien. This site is not owned, operated, or affiliated with the Government of Canada. I am currently completing my Masters studies in Public Administration on Web 2.0 and the use of collaborative tools in the Federal Government of Canada.  This blog serves to share my learning with others, disseminate my knowledge and communicate my experiences. Although I also work for the Federal Government, as a Research Analyst with the Canada School of Public Service, this site entirely reflects my own personal opinion.

You are welcome and encouraged to participate in the discussion on this site. Comments are owned by the poster. I reserve the right to remove inflammatory, inappropriate or irrelevant comments.

My commitment

I pledge to write in a fair manner, to make corrections where necessary and share my insight on your insight when necessary. Although I may not be able to respond to every post or email I receive, I do endeavour to keep you coming back, hopefully enjoying the material, insights and resources I can share.