Screen Snapshot of the video of 3 public servants. Who's that on screen?

Screen Snapshot of the video of 3 public servants. Who's that on screen?

Wow! I’m loving these. Here you go

Was published November 2008, 3 months before the other one I’ve written brazenly about .

Seems that PCO has a history of supporting content in video format. While looking up past PCO annual reports (cuz…that’s what I do),  I noticed the 6th annual report was missing.

It’s missing!

Well, not really. It “was published in video format“, but the published transcript is good enough.

I’d like to “view [it] online via the Leadership Network web site”, but I don’t see a link (PCO’s point 1 & 2 of available ways to view the report seem to be the same point though).

You can also email them for a copy (just sent my request), but those emails go to a dead email account, which is unfortunate as I am curious to know what this PCO timecapsule of 90′s venture into digital governmental reporting would look like (Realplayer video? Quicktime version 0.9? Hmmm…!). 

I think online video about the public service, from the public service is a good thing and should be encouraged, of the PCO and any department. Maybe PCO has an issue with setting precedence with anything public they do? I don’t know, but I hope not, they have an opportunity to demonstrate leadership (as they should) and make clear the direction they support. The clerk already does in their annual report. And then-PCO clerk Jocelyne Bourgon was a big supporter of technology, as well as learning in the public service. At least that’s what I’m reading right now. I’ll write more as I read/watch more…