Help me

I’m looking for your insight and expertise on the following topics to help me improve this site:

  • Add to Google Reader/iGoogle page?
    • I’m surprised I haven’t found one yet. May have to do with the following point:
  • What’s a good WordPress widget to get people to sign up with their email addresses?
    • The feedburner one by Smith caused a semi-serious error. It was a pain to resolve.
  • Do you know of a better wordpress skin/template I can use?
    • This one is too narrow. Perhaps one that can vary width.
  • Collapsible side boxes
    • Know of a widget for WordPress?
  • A good form users can fill out?
    • I.e.: this page. Can someone explain why this version of WordPress (2.7) does not ”
      ¬†Allow Comments” on this page even though the box is clearly checked? Clearly?

If you don’t mind, please reply to me with any answers or insight you may have:¬†