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So David Eaves is on my blog-writing radar since I got on his blog as part of the “Rat Pack of public service sector renewal . If you ask me, I think a more fitting name for this group of non-conventionalists is “Rant pack” (see what I did there? It’s punny) considering how 6 out of 7 of us blog (except for Mr. Kearney of the Government of Canada wiki GCPEDIA) .

So I pulled this blog posting out of my drafts and dusted it off. I wrote most of this a while ago after reading David Eaves’ blog post “why the government of canada needs bloggers“. (Warning to David: “cover your eyes…NOW!”)

I have calculated how the critical mass for blogs in the public service is 13 blogs.

Blogging is like crowdsurfing; it isnt for everyone, but anyone can do it, people support you, but you can fall, and its nice to have a crowd.

Blogging is like crowdsurfing. It isn't for everyone, but anyone can do it. You need people to support you, but you can fall on your ass big time. You can do it with a small group, but it's nice to have a big crowd.

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There has been, what I consider,¬†a lot of interest developing around GC20.ca . This blog is gaining steam, but I fully understand if some are still hesitant to leave public comments. I respect it, you’ll see by my writing below.

So, last week:

I received my 2nd media request for an interview

The requests was made through this blog. Unsurprisingly, the media wouldn’t find my academic studies more than a level above “boring” (go “New Public Management 2.0″!) and my work duties don’t garner any media-worthy attention. But still it is¬†surprising based on the nascent existence of this blog (would you believe it’s only been 2 months?). Was it because this blog is popular? Hardly. Because it is interesting? Nope, the topic is way too narry. Probably because there’s some meat in this that could feed a story.

My last contact with the media was in 2005 in Hong Kong attending this press conference. With so much giggling and peace signs being waved I can't say I fully understood what was going on, but I'm sure those girls at the table had something to do with it.

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This blog looks suspiciously like the Privacy Commissioner blog. Read on to find out why!

The "GC20 blog template proposal prototype" looks suspiciously like the Privacy Commissioner blog. Read on to find out why!

If you are reading this blog, then it’s obvious you support the Government of Canada being (more) Web 2.0-enabled. If, for whatever reasons you were looking to bring blogs into your department, I hope this blog post can help you.

This blog posting will:

  • Provide you with a ready-made template for you to submit a proposal,
  • Provide you with a blog prototype, ready with a CLF 2.0-like template. › Continue reading…
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