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Seems my post about Jeff Braybrook’s GCPEDIA talk was quite popular, reflected quantitatively in my stats and qualitatively in informal circles. I think I know why – there just isn’t enough information out there about GCPEDIA.

So, here’s another post about it – the background story to GCPEDIA, where it stands now, and my ideas for it going forward.

What is GCPEDIA?


What you see if you worked for the GC, and went to http://gcpedia.gc.ca.

If you can see the above image, you can access GCPEDIA

If you can see the above image, you can access GCPEDIA.

GCPEDIA is the wiki for the Government of Canada. Launched Oct. 28, 2008 at the annual GTEC conference by then CIO of Canada Ken Cochrane (who I’ve cited myself in my academic papers), GCPEDIA has blossomed throughout its on-going pilot stage.  GCPEDIA is only accessible via the Government of Canada network and you need to be on a computer with connection to be able to access it. › Continue reading…

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My post on “how to propose your blog” to come soon. I promise.

to hear Jeff Braybrook speak about GCPEDIA

a packed Clocktower pub basement to hear Jeff Braybrook speak about GCPEDIA

I attended a packed MeetUp event titled “Government Gets It: GCPEDIA, the Government of Canada and Web 2.0″ that was accessible to the public. The speaker was Jeff Braybrook, the Deputy Chief Technology Officer of Treasury Board, and the force behind GCPEDIA, the Canadian Government’s Wiki for public servants. I show here my notes.

Unsurprisingly the event was packed – people knew it 3 weeks leading up to the event, having to RSVP via the MeetUp site. GCPEDIA has been gathering lots of steam and interest, and I can divulge that I have been working closely with the implementing group on the technical, IM, training and engagement of the project. › Continue reading…

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