There has been, what I consider,¬†a lot of interest developing around . This blog is gaining steam, but I fully understand if some are still hesitant to leave public comments. I respect it, you’ll see by my writing below.

So, last week:

I received my 2nd media request for an interview

The requests was made through this blog. Unsurprisingly, the media wouldn’t find my academic studies more than a level above “boring” (go “New Public Management 2.0″!) and my work duties don’t garner any media-worthy attention. But still it is¬†surprising based on the nascent existence of this blog (would you believe it’s only been 2 months?). Was it because this blog is popular? Hardly. Because it is interesting? Nope, the topic is way too narry. Probably because there’s some meat in this that could feed a story.

My last contact with the media was in 2005 in Hong Kong attending this press conference. With so much giggling and peace signs being waved I can't say I fully understood what was going on, but I'm sure those girls at the table had something to do with it.

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