"Past Future View": I do believe this is what the Government had set out to eventually have as our future workplace.

I’ve bit off more than I could chew

2nd week with the blog and I thought I could post <1000 words on the GOC Workplace 2.0. I duped myself.

I should’ve had a much better idea what I was getting into when starting my research and informal dialogues about what people think is the Workplace 2.0 of the Government of Canada. My guest public-servant philosophers offered soundbites of 30 seconds before diverging into the limiting factors that make any scenario all but impossible. Although I elaborated my project scope for this posting that only after we illustrate the final goal would we discuss the intermediary steps, it became clear, somewhat, that the GOC Workplace 2.0 seems much too dependant on external factors to be even imaginable. Either that or my guest philosophers were a humble, uncreative bunch.

I see the value in these insights. Although there are common threads  across the Canadian public service (such as the policies, the Ottawa-centric decision-making, hierarchy), there are far too many differing factors that make it difficult to imagine the next GOC Workplace, let alone even the current one.

Simply, I don’t see the workplace of the Government of Canada evolving across the board until a new or updated governance model is in place. But I do see 3 factors driving that change. › Continue reading…