Crane in Ottawa

Crane in Ottawa

I’m still not finished setting this up, but please leave a comment to tell me how you found this site.

After 2 days of getting the domains, linking it up to my own personal server, installing the systems, designing the logo, it being 4am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, I’m ready to call it a night.

I’m creating this blog to assist me in my studies on Web 2.0 and the Government of Canada. After much deliberation, I know it would be ironic not to have a blog support my ongoing academic work in the field. After having submitted my previous research papers using a Wiki, it was inevitable to use a blog for continued work. Also, there’s been much interest in the research I’ve gathered, and I plan to share it (as well as access to the wiki housing my research, and all the academic material I’ve gathered ~ 75+ sources).

After I get enough posts up (I expect to have about 3 live and another 3 in the queue), I will work at promoting this site more. I have to say I am still suprised about getting the domains and and I still have other tools I’m looking at integrating with this blog and (eventual) wiki, but one step at a time.

Anyway, please leave a comment to give me an idea how you found this blog. Suggestions are welcome as well, I just hope to be able to continue to balance my time supporting this site, contributing to this blog and researching for school (as well as working full-time!).